HoneybeeOur Honey is made in various locations in the Flathead Valley. The Honey that we sell locally comes from two locations:

Purple Frog Gardens, Whitefish, Mt.: where the bees forage on many vegetable and fruit crops.

Bigfork, MT: where they forage on clover, alfalfa, and various wild shrubs and trees.

The type of honey our bees make is called “Wildflower Honey” because it is made from the nectar of various species of plants.

Our honey is pure honey, minimally heated and minimally strained.  Absolutely nothing is added.

A few words about "Raw Honey"

Currently there is no single definition for "Raw" honey.  Some consider honey "Raw" only when it is in the comb (not extracted), with absolutely no heating, straining or filtering.Some consider honey "Raw" if it has only been heated to below 110 degrees and has not been strained and yet others consider it "Raw" if it has not been heated above 140 degrees.

We heat our honey to 110-115 degrees and the honey is minimally strained.  Studies show that with minimal heating (110-115 degrees) and minimal straining, honey will maintain minirals, vitamins, antioxidants, small amounts of pollen and some but not all of the enzymes.


Honey Bees On Hive

Beehives in bear fence

Wildflower Honey Columbia Falls Montana