Mary BeekeepingIn college Dave took a beekeeping class and began keeping bees.  Then in 2006 he decided he wanted to become a full-time beekeeper so he and his Dad drove to California and bought 48 bee hives.  On the way home with the bees they stopped off in Dillon, Mt. where Dave's parents live.  His parents instantly shared his interest and enthusiam for the bees and when Dave left he had two less bee hives but we gained two more beekeepers in the family.  Dave's parents still maintain four of their own hives over-wintering them in Dillon with great success.

The day after the bees arrived home, I put on my bee suit and veil and walked into the bee yard.  It was a beautiful, warm spring day and the amount of bees in the air was striking.  I was immediately captivated by their behavior.  There was so much to see and observe.

That spring we spent time building hive boxes and dividing our hives.  Our second summer of beekeeping Amy's brother Kevin came to visit and help with the bee work.  He had never been around bees before but quickly became an enthusastic helper.  Since then he has spent his vacations working with us and is now a part-time beekeeper with about 100 hives.  One more beekeeper in the family.

Every year we have worked to grow our hive numbers to a more sustainable level.  We have done this by dividing our hives a little each year while maintaining the health of each hive.  Currently we maintain a steady 1000 hives. 

We are beekeepers because we enjoy being stewards of land and animals.  We strive to be the best beekeepers we can with the knowledge of the the significance of the Honey Bee.

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